70000 tons of Metal 2019

I’m so happy to have been there. I was the sixth time as a official photographer on board and the seventh times in total. The first time 2011 I take only a few pictures for myself .
2019 we went back to Haiti
It was an impressive time on the cruise to meet friends and bands to drink one or two beer.

I can not publish the cruise pictures befor the 70000 tons publish the pictures. Please look on the 70000 Tons page on Facebook and Instagram for your pictures.



70000 tons of Metal
vom 31.01.2019 – 04.02.2019
3 061  Besucher
1 036  Musician & Crew
1 381  Ship Crew Menbers
5 476  Total People on Board
Top Ten Countries
  1.  USA
  2.  Germany
  3.  Canada
  4.  Switzerland
  5.  Finland
  6.  Mexico
  7.  Sweden
  8.  Netherlands
  9.  UK
10.  Colombia


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